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Brief Company Profile on Albrecht

The Albrecht GmbH as a mid size company is one of the leading companies in the German animal health industry. Since May 2012 Albrecht GmbH belongs to Dechra Pharmaceuticals plc, based in Stoke on Trent, UK. The Albrecht staff presently consists of about 75 employees. The turnover in the financial year 2013_2014 amounted to about EUR 45 million.

Current market research studies presented by market research companies (GfK MAT 03/2013) show that veterinary practitioners classify Albrecht as preferential supplier and place very great trust in Albrecht. Veterinarians honor Albrecht particularly for its veterinary medical expertise, the innovation strength and the broadly diversified product strategy. This also reflects the ranking as a top 2 among the companies being the most valuable suppliers for vet practices. Albrecht ranks first with this rating among the non-multinational veterinary drug suppliers in Germany.

Albrecht’s profound knowledge of the veterinary medicinal market as well as its experience in the field of instruments and practice equipment makes it a strong and reliable partner for launching new, interesting veterinary products in Germany.

The Albrecht team in Aulendorf The Albrecht field sales representatives

Business is focused on:

  • distribution of Albrecht’s and Dechra’s own range of veterinary pharmaceuticals
  • exclusive distribution and co-marketing of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal feed supplements of renowned national and international companies
  • distribution of single-source drugs as well as differentiated generics
  • Wholesaling of a wide range of products for veterinary practices and clinics including equipment, instruments and dressings.

Of approximately 10000 registered veterinary practices in Germany, more than 95 % are direct Albrecht clients (highest distribution rate of all distributors in Germany/GfK 09/2014). The Albrecht Sales Department employs certified and experienced veterinarians in their field and 21qualified sales representatives who visit clients throughout Germany. Albrecht set up a key account management to provide specialised support service for swine, selected cattle and poultry practices. At field sales force meetings, in training programs and by an intensive information exchange the field service continuously extends its veterinary business and veterinary science knowledge.
5 experienced product manager in the large and small animal field as well as in the field of instruments and practice equipment ensure an excellent scientific advice and service-oriented customer care. Albrecht has a separate veterinary drug registration department.

The customer advisory service on site receives further support by numerous marketing activities such as the magazine “FACHPRAXIS”, edited and published by Albrecht, which is distributed to all clients and veterinary institutions throughout Germany every 6 months and which has especially boosted the company’s image among clients.

Advertisements of the most important products appear in the country’s most popular veterinary magazines. Launches of all important new products are supported by direct-mails and press releases. Further actions with a view to strengthening the customer-relationship are incorporated into the individual marketing concept of a product.

As a tradition, Albrecht feels specially committed to its veterinary clientele. The Albrecht slogan "The vet.-med. Partner“, offering health for the animal exclusively to veterinary practices, stands for this commitment.

Albrecht was founded in 1946 by the pharmaceutical merchant Albert Albrecht in the Swabian town of Aulendorf. Albrecht’s main idea was to offer veterinarians a wide range of German and foreign veterinary products. The founder’s son Diethmar acquired a degree in veterinary medicine and became Managing Director of the company in 1971. The commercial activities were greatly expanded and many interesting veterinary medicinal products and practice equipment were added to the product range. Veterinary practitioners are especially appreciative of Albrecht’s excellent customer service.

In 2005, Eurovet Animal Health B.V., The Netherlands, acquired all shares of A. Albrecht GmbH + Co. KG. 1 January 2006, the company name was changed to Albrecht GmbH.

Since May 2012 Albrecht GmbH belongs to Dechra Veterinary Products (DVP) EU, the European division of Dechra Pharmaceuticals plc. Dechra, listed on the London Stock Exchange, is specialised in the development and distribution of veterinary medicinal products for dogs, cats and horses. Dechra operates with own sales organisations in the UK, France, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Benelux, in the USA and since May 2012 in Germany through Albrecht. With the acquisition of Eurovet including Albrecht a strong company was created with a turnover of around EUR 540 million and 1.300 employees.

As a result of Dechra’s take-over, the Albrecht-portfolio will become wider and even more attractive. As a member of Dechra, our potential for research and development increases considerably, including improved manufacturing capabilities, a European distribution network and a wider range of product and services.

Additional information is available from the Albrecht management:

Albrecht GmbH
Postfach 1351
88323 Aulendorf
Tel.: 0049 7525 205-10
Fax: 0049 7525 7005

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